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Juan Pablo Leon Moreno – Grower, Chile.

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Strawberry Orange Smoothie

As featured on the back of our signature Frozen Strawberries. read more →

Fruit Medley Cobbler

This recipe is great for a lovely summer day. read more →

How to Substitute High Calorie Foods with Fruit and Berries

It’s not always easy to understand how to improve your dietary patterns. The most difficult task is not identifying what needs to change, but figuring out the alternative. read more →

Fresh versus Frozen

Did you Know? According to recent studies frozen fruit and berries provide the same nutrients and health benefits as their fresh counterparts. That’s because, frozen fruit and berries  are simply fresh ripe ones that have been flash-frozen shortly after harvest. read more →

Saturated Fats Hamper Brain Function and Memory

  Consumption of saturated fats may be associated with decreases in memory and reductions in brain functioning, and could lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to new research in women. It has long been suggested that excessive consumption of ‘bad’ fats – such as saturated and trans fats – could be bad.. read more →