5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Family

When good eating and exercise habits are formed at home, they can last a lifetime. Use these techniques to teach your children the importance of staying active and eating nutritious (and great-tasting!) food. Good foods in; bad foods out. Start simple. When kids are young, you have the advantage because they eat at least half.. read more →

Blueberries Brain Boosting Power

BC BLUEBERRIES OFFER BRAIN BOOSTING POWER – BC Blueberry Council Press Release (The research linking blueberries to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease is surprisingly strong) (Vancouver, B.C.) – Among the many changes that come with aging, memory loss is one that is feared the most. But if we take steps early enough, it’s far.. read more →

Shoppers be berry careful when buying blueberry products

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Blueberries are touted as a super health food. Manufacturers of prepared foods are looking to capitalize on it, plastering the berries all over their packaging. But Consumer Reports says just because it’s blue on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean it’s blue on the inside. read more →

Go big on nutrition-packed blueberries

When it comes to nutrition, “good to eat” and “good for you” are not always the same thing. But the two definitely coincide in blueberries. read more →