Cranberry Apple Cider (Healthy Holiday Recipe)

Each week from now until New Years, Snowcrest will be posting a new Healthy Holiday Recipe for your upcoming holiday gatherings.  Whether you are inviting or attending, these recipes will be a hit! So stay tuned… Our first Healthy Holiday Recipe is a great choice for those cold wintry evenings.  Slow cooked Cranberry Apple Cider. read more →

Grilled Salmon with Raspberry Vinaigrette

If you enjoy fishing or know someone who does, chances are you have some salmon in your freezer waiting to be cooked!   This time compliment your salmon with our new Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe. read more →

Berry Scary Halloween Cupcakes

Make your Halloween a berry one! Decorate your cupcakes with berry spiders and ghosts! read more →

Pork with Blueberry and Applesauce (7 months+)

Raise Good Eaters:  Make your own baby food!  This recipe is packed with flavour and nutrients for your growing baby. read more →

Thanksgiving Turkey Brie Cranberry Sandwich

Need a new idea for your turkey leftovers?  Try our Turkey Brie Cranberry sandwich recipe.   It’s Thanksgiving dinner all over again! First of all start by making your own cranberry sauce with Snowcrest Frozen Cranberries. read more →

Healthy Dried Cranberries

Sugar-free dried cranberries are hard to come by.  Have you ever thought of making your own?  Try this simple recipe and enjoy as a snack or add to your baking. read more →

Smoothie Contest Winning Recipe: Super Fruit Smoothie

Congratulations on winning our Summer Breeze Smoothie Contest, Maya and Scott! Your blueberry whipping cream is the perfect finishing touch for this delightful smoothie. read more →

Pork with Blueberry Sauce

A unique and delicious way to use blueberries, this sweet and savory sauce would also work great with chicken. The blend of berries and chicken stalk is wonderful! read more →

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Raspberries are the perfect compliment to this simple cheese cake.  read more →

Berry Almond Crunch Oatmeal

Berry Almond Crunch Oatmeal, it’s a great diabetic breakfast and a healthy way to start your day! read more →