Delicious and Nutritional!

I really must write and tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the Snowcrest/Kirkland Signature Frozen Blueberries available at Costco. I retired from the frozen fruit and vegetable industry in 2008, and got into the habit of having cereal for breakfast, topped with dried fruit and nuts. Then I read WheatBelly, and.. read more →

WOW – what a great product!

WOW – what a great product! Your frozen fruit products are the very best in the industry. I have tried many but yours is truly the only one that 100% of the time tastes like it was “just picked.” I was 1st introduced to your product when I moved to Victoria, BC and started shopping.. read more →

The Very Best Blueberries!

I recently acquired a Costco card for my birthday from our daughter. We purchased a 2kg bag of your cultivated Blueberries and found them to be the very best Blueberries we had ever eaten!! They are plump, and juicy, and very delicious! Even being frozen they were as nice as any fresh we have ever.. read more →

“I am so glad that I found this product”

Hi:  I just had to send off this email. Today I was at Costco and noticed for the first time the large bag of frozen Pomegranate seeds.  I could not believe it, “You mean I do not have to try and dig the seeds out of a cut pomegranate plus the little seed sections, plus.. read more →

Thanks for Giving Us the Opportunity to Buy Local Even in the Off-Season!

Hello! We just found your frozen blueberries in Costco! We’ve only now caved to getting a membership because we have two young (and seemly very hungry) boys. Local blueberries in the off-season seem to be hard to come by at our regular grocery store so we end up going directly to the farm, which has.. read more →

Budding Entrepreneurs Win our Smoothie Contest

Dear Snowcrest Foods, Maya and Scott are so thrilled to find out they are the Summer Breeze Smoothie Contest winners! I am Scott’s mother–“Scott” is really Robin, and “Maya” is Isabel. Let me tell you about them! read more →

UBC Blueberry Fest- Thank you!

Thank you for your support for a successful Blueberry Fest. It wouldn’t have been the same without your help. read more →

Juan Pablo Leon Moreno – Grower, Chile.

Working with Snowcrest Foods has been our privilege and pride as a very reliable and serious company. We really like their philosophy of team work. This is the right company to work long term business basis… – Juan Pablo Leon Moreno – Grower, Chile. read more →

My Favourite Breakfasts include Snowcrest Frozen Fruits!

My two favorite breakfasts include Snowcrest frozen fruit.  In the winter months I love hot oatmeal with Snowcrest frozen blueberries.  I put a handful of frozen blueberries in the bowl with instant oatmeal, add the water, and microwave (slightly longer than without fruit).  It is a filling, healthy breakfast! Another favorite is Snowcrest Fruit Medley,.. read more →

14 Apr 2012
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An Abbotsford, BC Shopper

I purchase Snowcrest frozen fruit at Thrifty’s Foods in Abbotsford, BC. The fruit is GREAT and I’m so pleased to be able to support a local BC company. read more →

13 Mar 2012
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