Programs, Policies & Certifications

At Snowcrest, our customers’ families are just as important to us as our own, therefore food safety is our highest priority. We dedicate significant resources to on-going staff training, and continuously adopting new/improved policies, processes and procedures in order to ensure only high quality, safe products reach our customer. All our growers and suppliers meet the strictest food safety guidelines and are validated annually via third party or customer specific audits.

Food Safety

We have extensive HACCP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), recall and traceability procedures in place and can provide complete and accurate traceability back to the farm level. Snowcrest Foods Ltd. continues to thrive on its legacy as an innovative organization that is passionate about meeting the needs of the customer. In 2011, Snowcrest became one of the first frozen fruit plants in Canada to achieve SQF2000 certification.

We regularly take samples of our finished products for micro analysis to a third party outside laboratory. These results not only provide assurances to our customers, but also validate that our programs, policies and procedures are in conformance with the regulations and the top food safety standards available to industry today.

Current Food Safety Certifications:

Global Food Safety Initiative / Safe Quality Foods 2000 (GFSI/SQF 2000) Level 2 – The Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) is a comprehensive food safety and quality management certification system for food manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

AIB International – Comprehensive GMP Inspections evaluate the adequacy of: Operational Methods and Personnel Practices; Maintenance for Food Safety; Cleaning Practices;Integrated Pest Management; and, Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs.

Guelph Food Technology Center – Covers the Prerequisite Program requirements that are commonly outlined by various regulatory bodies such as CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Codex.


Quality Assurance

Snowcrest Foods Limited is committed to supplying high quality, safe frozen fruit products that are in compliance with federal and other appropriate regulatory laws. The Snowcrest facility is operated in accordance with all legal requirements and written detailed procedures to cover all process critical to product safety and quality.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the administration of these programs. This is accomplished with annual food safety training provided to all employees and staff, and verified through programs. The operation undergoes multiple 3rd party audits and customer specific audits as well as self audits to ensure compliance.

Supplier Approval Program

As a part of a program that is aimed at working more efficiently and with more transparency with our supplying partners, Snowcrest Foods has implemented a Supplier Approval Program.

The program is used as a tool to verify and review a supplier’s food safety and quality system controls prior to purchasing of the product. The reviews are completed through self-assessments and by third party audits of the supplier’s fields and facilities. All Snowcrest suppliers are required to comply with our requirements including essential prerequisite requirements designed to assure food safety and compliance to applicable regulations

Health & Nutrition Information

Eating a healthy diet is part of creating a healthy lifestyle without making drastic changes. Making small changes in how you eat, such as adding fruit to your cereals, yogurts, salads and dinners can lead to big rewards. Snowcrest frozen fruits and berries are a natural and healthy fit for the lifestyles of your busy and active families without compromising flavours or nutrients.
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Organic & Kosher

Snowcrest is BC Kosher Certified. If your looking for Kosher product be sure to look for this symbol.

Snowcrest has recently received the Ecocert Canada Organic Certification. When looking for organic product always look for product that has a logo from a recognized certification body.