Community – Sharing our Success, Making a Difference

Our Culture
At Snowcrest we’re committed to giving back to our communities to help them grow and prosper. Our involvement in the environments in which we live and work is a meaningful pursue for our leadership team and in turn our employees. We are engaged in numerous, charitable donations, sponsorships, both locally and globally. Our charitable givings are a natural tradition for all stakeholders in the Snowcrest family. We seek out individuals and partners who fit the culture of “Making a Difference” with ongoing “Acts of Kindness”.

A Highlight of Organizations and Events include:

  • Salvation Army Meal Centre
  • Abbotsford Regional Hospital Legacy of Hope Breakfast
  • Hospice Society
  • Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation
  • The Gleaners
  • Hospital and Educational Scholarships
  • Harbour Lights
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Food Donations
  • Global emergencies
  • World Vision
  • Sport Team Sponsorships


Our family of employees are encouraged to give back when possible. To build this culture among our team, we at Snowcrest try to support initiatives that our employees and their families are involved in.


We are dedicated to serving the community in which we work.
Our staff and employees are at times paid to volunteer at local events or causes.

Charities / Donations

At Snowcrest Foods we believe that no act is big or small as long as you believe in what you do. That is why we make an effort to donate frozen fruit products when the opportunity is available.



Snowcrest Foods has long standing relationships around the world, so we feel that we should be doing our part to help regardless of where in the world we are.

Working with Our Partners

We understand that our partners at the corporate level work with organizations they support. That is why at Snowcrest we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with our partners. It’s true what they say there is power in numbers, especially when trying to do a good thing!