26 Mar 2014

Delicious and Nutritional!

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I really must write and tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the Snowcrest/Kirkland Signature Frozen Blueberries available at Costco. I retired from the frozen fruit and vegetable industry in 2008, and got into the habit of having cereal for breakfast, topped with dried fruit and nuts. Then I read WheatBelly, and decided about 6 months ago to substitute Blueberrys for the cereal component, and bought a 2kg bag from Costco. I use about 4 ounces per serving, microwave them for 35 seconds to soften them, and then top with Almonds, yellow raisins, dried Cranberries, sunflower seeds, ground flax seed and milk. Delicious and nutritional!

The quality of the Blueberries has been exceptional, all over 1/2″, consistent flavourful maturity, and not one stem or green berry in more than 15 bags! Just bought 3 more bags today.

Congratulations to all at Snowcrest for producing such a great product.