09 Mar 2012

How to Substitute High Calorie Foods with Fruit and Berries

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It’s not always easy to understand how to improve your dietary patterns. The most difficult task is not identifying what needs to change, but figuring out the alternative.

Here are a few tips to help you replace some high calorie food or drinks with healthy fruit and berry options:

  1. Soda and pop can be replaced by refreshing fruit drinks.  Try our recipe page for some great drinks including Raspberry Lemonade or one of our many smoothie recipes.  If your pushed for time, try taking your favorite Snowcrest frozen fruit and mash it up against the side of the glass for flavour, add water or sparkling water and enjoy a refreshing beverage in minutes.  Depending on what you feel like you could add some mint in the glass with the Snowcrest frozen fruit with some sparkling water and have a nonalcoholic fruit mojito!
  2. Flavoured yogurts can be high in sugar and unless you buy nonfat, can be high in fat. Try buying nonfat plain yogurt, add your own flavours with your favorite Snowcrest Frozen fruit and berries, and/or chopped nuts. To add a bit more flavour add a splash of vanilla extract, and sweeten with honey (start with a teaspoon and go from there).
  3. Many sauces used as toppings for foods can be turned into a fruity toppings. Try replacing the cream sauces for chicken and fish with a healthier fruit based salsa.  If your wondering how, the next time you make chicken or fish try  it topped with our Mango Salsa recipe and see how you like it!
  4. Ice cream is a tough as we all enjoy this little treat. If you find yourself craving ice cream all the time, try replacing it with non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt add your favorite Snowcrest frozen fruit to jazzy it up.  If your really adventurous try our Frozen Fruit Yogurt recipe.



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