20 Feb 2013

“I am so glad that I found this product”

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Hi:  I just had to send off this email. Today I was at Costco and noticed for the first time the large bag of frozen Pomegranate seeds.  I could not believe it, “You mean I do not have to try and dig the seeds out of a cut pomegranate plus the little seed sections, plus the juice staining the countertops (mine are white) and everything else around the area.

I have already ruined a lampshade when the juice sprayed out of the fruit when I was digging out the seeds while watching television.  I must have eaten over a cup as I was separating the fruit into portions to make it easier to freeze.  After ruining my lamp shade I decided I would not buy them again due to the mess.  I am so glad that I found this product, I have had your blueberry and mixed fruit berries before.  I can’t recall seeing bagged pomegranate seeds from any brand before. Look forward to eating them fresh, finding recipes, using them on cereal etc., the possibilities are endless.  Must run and look at the recipe section on the website.  Thanks again, Pat


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