AntiOx 5 – Fruit Blend

Snowcrest Farms™ AntiOx 5 Fruit Blend brings five of the best ‘superfruits’ together in one package. The combined sweet-tart flavour of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and plums is unmatched. These great tasting dark fruit are a good source of minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants that make them perfect to add to crisps, cobblers or to make your favourite smoothie.

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Health & Nutritional Facts of AntiOx 5 Fruit Blend


Claim: High Source of Fibre
Claim: Good Source of Vitamin C

Ingredients: 20% Blackberries, 20% Blueberries, 20% Raspberries, 20% Sliced Strawberries, 20% Diced Plum