Retail Sector – Fresh Frozen, Quality Assured

Branded and Private Label
Snowcrest Foods Ltd. is a marketer of its own frozen fruit brand (Snowcrest) in distribution throughout Canada, and it also offers its production and sourcing capabilities to selected retail partners under their controlled labels. All our products meet our strict quality and safety standards from the field to our customer. Our fruits are carefully harvested and frozen at the “peak of perfection”™ for a rich experience including exquisite tastes and nutritional goodness. We are always looking to innovate throughout the grocery frozen and refrigerated aisles to inspire and nourish those that buy our products. With a processing facility strategically located within close proximity to the high quality fruit producing region of Fraser Valley, BC, Canada, we also source a wide array of fruit products from other parts of Canada, the US, South America and other fertile soils from around the world.

We offer innovative, reliable and easy to use products in attractive and convenient packaging formats including:

Tubs Pillow Pack Bags
Stand Up Pouches Resealable Family Size Club Packs

We invite you to enjoy the fresh fruit taste year round through our Snowcrest products. The Snowcrest™ brand can be found at any location of the following stores:


Branded Products


Snowcrest offers three major retail ready packages for individually quick frozen fruit and berries. We have 7 ready to use consumer products in a “Snowcrest” 600g stand up pouch, 5 consumer ready “Snowcrest Selectables” 1.5 kg club pack products and 2 family friendly “Snowcrest Farms” club pack. In addition, we have a 300g Snowcrest frozen cranberry pack and a Snowcrest Frozen Sliced Strawberries Topping in light syrup that can be found in the frozen aisle in a 425 g tub.
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