21 Feb 2014

The Very Best Blueberries!

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I recently acquired a Costco card for my birthday from our daughter. We purchased a 2kg bag of your cultivated Blueberries and found them to be the very best Blueberries we had ever eaten!!

They are plump, and juicy, and very delicious!

Even being frozen they were as nice as any fresh we have ever tasted.

I put them in my morning smoothie, plus I put them with a little water in a saucepan on top of the stove to render down to make a fabulous jam, or topping for french toast. I can’t wait to make muffins and blueberry pie.

We shall never buy from “the competition” ever again, and from now on I will be true to your product.

I’ve told several of my friends to pick them up from Costco and the feel as we do “WOW – your the Best Ever

Thanks for the a Fabulous product!

A Delighted Lantzville, BC Costco Customer